About project activities

Study on accessibility of business support

In the course of the project, a study on the availability of business support in Zemgale, Kurzeme and Northern Lithuania has been developed, in cooperation with the Group of scientists of the Economic Institute of the Academy of Sciences and project partners. During the study, nearly 200 businessmen from different sectors of economic assets from Lithuania and  Latvia took place in survey and a series of different focus group meetings – discussions. Representatives of the city and rural businessmen, Latvian University of Life sciences and Technology,  local governments and various business support institutions  have participated in them. Discussions have been held on cooperation between support bodies, the need for forms of support, diversification and effectiveness in the region, as well as on the business environment and its prestige in society.

Study in Latvian, English and Lithuanian languages available in https://www.zemgale.lv/informativie-materiali/category/21-petijumi

The study concluded with a discussion on the results of the study and on existing cooperation between the business support bodies and the unused cooperation opportunities. Discussions were held in Latvia and Lithuania, with representatives of both business support institutions, entrepreneuers and municipal representatives participating in the discussions, which allowed the discussion to be multi-faceted and to summarise the most successful examples of cooperation possible.

Mentors Network

One of the major activities of the project is the development of a network of mentors in Latvia and Lithuania. This is the responsibility of the project partner SIA “Latvian Rural Consultation and Education Centre”, but the selection of potential mentors and the organisation of training for mentors was the responsibility of each partner. who also carried out training organisation and attracted mentors from different sectors to the common network.

Currently more than 100 collaborative entrepreneurs have already been involved in the mentor network.

More detailed information is available in the http://new.llkc.lv/lv/nozares/projekti-latvijas-lietuvas-programma-business-support/biznesa-mentoru-tikls

If you want to be a mentor or successor in experience, contact your nearest project partner or write an application in this link and be welcome.

In order to ensure the participation and interest of mentors, we proposed to participate in four different networking activities aimed at promoting the development of cooperation and support between mentors. Networking activities were developed in the form of both inspirational learning and working groups, inviting scientists and other entrepreneurs, acquaintances and partners to expand.

Establishment of a Relanding Business Centre

In the course of the project, a business centre has been established in Aizkraukle, which has been able to bring together a range of development-oriented entrepreneurs in less than two years as a result of the active activities of Baiba Kellere. The aim of the Centre is to ensure the availability of information and advisory support for persons who have started or wish to enter their business by promoting the development and cooperation of a sustainable and high-quality business environment.

As part of the project, business days are organised each year, bringing entrepreneurs and young people together for training, exhibition, market for local and Lithuanian craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

Training programme for young entrepreneurs

In the course of the project, a training programme was developed for young entrepreneurs, whose implementation was led by the Panevezys Business Centre. As part of this cycle, partners organized trainings in local areas actual on topics for entrepreneurs.

The training programme is also available online for young entrepreneurs. In the www.learnbusiness.eu, Latvian and Lithuanian languages created during the project, lectures on various topics are available free of charge. Video lectures on topics for entrepreneurs are expected to be available soon.

The lecture material is provided by project partners by providing teaching materials in the course of the project on topics such as business start-ups, marketing, export, sales and other topics currently relevant in the business environment.


Over the course of the project, the Kurzeme Planning Region was active on export issues, offering entrepreneurs to participate in various types of training on export launch, rules, ways to plan their company’s exports more successfully.

In order to boost exports to countries outside the European Union and also within the European Union, rules were developed – guidelines to address and seek information on export rules to different countries, such as Russia, Australia, America, Belarus, Denmark, Canada, Russia, Norway, Finland, Turkey and Ukraine.

The rules on the food sector, textiles, woodworking, mechanical engineering and metalworking are available here: https://www.kurzemesregions.lv/uznemejiem-kurzeme/eksporta-noteikumu-apkopojums/

Business conference

At the end of the project, Zemgale planning region organises a conference for entrepreneurs, business support organisations, municipalities and other stakeholders on the experience of entrepreneurs in their activities and in cooperation with business support organisations. The conference is intended to assess the effectiveness of business support from a business perspective by looking at a realistic, experienced and successful business perspective.

The conference takes place on 7 March 2019 in Latvian and Lithuanian languages.

Mutual cooperation

In the course of the project, partners have succeeded in cooperating successfully and strengthening future cooperation. Many project activities were introduced jointly, thereby enabling organisations to better familiarise themselves with each other and to build a basis for further, closer cooperation.