Entrepreneurship Training for Young Entrepreneurs

The Training Program “Entrepreneurship Training for Young Entrepreneurs” is an international non-formal entrepreneurial education program for Lithuanian and Latvian participants with secondary education. This programme includes themes like self-empowerment, business planning, marketing, business finance, labor law, IT and business plan preparation.


Mentors Network

One of the major activities of the project is the development of a network of mentors in Latvia and Lithuania. This is the responsibility of the project partner SIA “Latvian Rural Consultation and Education Centre”, but the selection of potential mentors and the organisation of training for mentors was the responsibility of each partner. who also carried out training organisation and attracted mentors from different sectors to the common network.

Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre

Export rules

In order to boost exports to countries outside the European Union and also within the European Union, rules were developed – guidelines to address and seek information on export rules to different countries, such as Russia, Australia, America, Belarus, Denmark, Canada, Russia, Norway, Finland, Turkey and Ukraine. More information


For more information, contact project partners:

LP: Žiemgalos planavimo regionas (Zemgales planosanas regions, Latvija)
PP2: Kuržemės planavimo regionas (Kurzemes planosanas regions, Latvija)
PP3: Latvijos kaimo konsultavimo ir mokymo centras (SIA Latvijas Lauku konsultaciju un izgltibas centrs (Latvija)
PP4: Aizkriauklės rajono savivaldybė (Aizkraukles novada pasvaldiba, Latvija)
PP5: Šiaulių verslo inkubatorius (Lietuva)
PP6: VšĮ “Panevėžio verslo konsultacinis centras” (Lietuva)
PP7: Rokiškio rajono savivaldybės Juozo Keliuočio viešoji biblioteka (Lietuva)


News for entrepreneurs:

Property database for investment projects: https://www.kurzemesregions.lv/uznemejiem-kurzeme/investiciju-karte/

Calendar for entrepreneurs:

Funds for entrepreneurs:

E-Learning Module

E-learning modules are the relevant information about specific topics in the busines environment. There is information about communication, e-envirponment, marketing, contract and use of english language. At the end of each topic are control questins. Prepared material can be found here:




More info

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