LP: Mentors network members appointments

We are inviting you to the mentors’ networking event, where we will talk about the current theme of the different generations, and together we will learn to understand each other better.

“Different generations have different systems of work ethic and value. That doesn’t mean the young generation doesn’t work hard – they just work differently.” Nayyar

“Every generation tends to accentuate their unique experiences rather than think that others before or after them can have similar experiences, only in different social contexts.” Lewis & Walker

The aim of this meeting is to provide insight into differences between generations and to offer practical advice on how to overcome these challenges in mutual communication. Participants will be invited to assess and think about the various values and motivational mechanisms that define individual behaviour and are often the cause of conflict and misunderstandings.

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/m2mYslMJg6xvbHWw2

More information Anita.Diebele@zpr.gov.lv 29736468