LP: Zemgale planing region


• define the key principles, objectives and priorities for the long-term development of the Zemgale Planning Region, by coordinating action to achieve them;

• coordinate and promote the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of regional development support measures, the development and implementation of regional projects;

• ensure cooperation between regional authorities and national authorities in the implementation of regional development support measures;

• manage and monitor the development and implementation of planning documents for the development of the planning region;

• provide opinions on the compliance of the local level long-term development strategies and development programmes with the regional level spatial planning documents, as well as the regulatory enactments regulating the development planning documents system;

• coordinate regional cooperation in the field of tourism, business, education, the environment, energy, culture and social issues;

• ensure coordination of cultural development in the Zemgale region;

• establish close cooperation between local authorities and national authorities, as well as between other partners, participating in various international projects;

• develop regional development planning documents, ensuring their consistency and consistency with the Latvian Sustainable Development Strategy and the National Development Plan;

• evaluate and provide opinions on the applications for regional development State aid for projects by local authorities or individuals;

• supervise compliance with laws and other regulatory enactments in the provision of public transport services;

• prepare proposals for the planning, development and setting of tariffs on routes of regional importance for public transport services, by clarifying and compiling the views of municipalities and residents in the planning region on the route network in Zemgale, surveying bus staging points and construction, deciding on their inclusion in the route movement lists.


1. Provide basic information and advice to future and existing entrepreneurs on support programmes and access to services in the region;
 2. Organise seminars for future and existing entrepreneurs on support opportunities for business start-ups, development and diversification;
 3. Coordinates the participation of municipalities and businessmen in the Zemgale Planning Region in exhibitions and fairs;
 4. Organize networking activities and experience-sharing trips for entrepreneurs and municipalities in Zemgale;                                   5. Organise meetings with business support institutions;
 6. Keeping and updating information on the http://www.zuc.zemgale.lv website.

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