PP3: Business Mentor Network

Business Mentor Network (cross border mentor network in agriculture and non-agriculture sectors).

What is mentor, mentoring

Mentor – an experienced entrepreneur or manager who has accumulated knowledge in entrepreneurship, who, without consideration and willingly, devotes his time, experience and suggestions to help the new entrepreneur orient in business environment and develop his or her business, helping to achieve his goals. The mentor listens, asks questions, challenges the mentee’s goals, studies, gives advises, shares his experience and contacts.

A mentor’s role is not to advise but rather to give a different way of thinking.

Mentee – entrepreneur or person who plans to be an entrepreneur, who, with the support of the mentor, wants to start or develop his or her company by defining in advance the support needed for the collaboration. The mentee must be active and interested in the mentoring program.

Information about Business Mentor Network: http://new.llkc.lv/lv/nozares/projekti-latvijas-lietuvas-programma-business-support/biznesa-mentoru-tikls


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